ICO? Yes… as a landlord, you must register!

ICO? Yes… you must register!

We’ve had a number of conversations with our landlords over the past few months as to whether they needed to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Our advice has always been a confident Yes! 

Being a landlord is running a business… and that business receives and stores personal data on existing and previous tenants electronically using your mobile telephone, tablets or PC.

Most landlords should already be registered with the ICO and paying a fee under current data protection laws. Those who are not, need to get in contact (see link details below) with the ICO and pay the necessary fee (minimum £40.00), in order to comply with GDPR.

The process of paying this fee includes a requirement to provide the office with details including your name, address, trading name, number of employees and turnover.

In practice there is not likely to be any exemption from registering with the ICO and paying the required fee.  If you purely process data manually then you are exempt from registration – but that is highly unlikely.

If you have already paid the ICO this year, you will be contacted by them to remind you to renew close to your renewal date.

If you do not pay the ICO fee you could face a civil penalty of up to £4,350.

Click here to visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website for more information and to register. Simply navigate via the ‘First Time Payment’ link on the page to pay your data protection fee.


Unfortunately this is something we can’t do on your behalf.

Once registered please provide a copy of your certificate to us for our files.