Garden Features: Top #3 Tips to Utilise your Garden to Sell your Home

The choice and variety of garden features these days are almost dizzying. Step into any garden centre and you’ll be able to choose from water features, garden furniture, rocks, bedding, paving and chipped stone, pergolas, gazebos…..even statues and garden gnomes. The list is endless.

And in our own gardens, we can do what we like.

And in the same way that we all have a vision for the interior design of our homes, who doesn’t want to be able to enjoy the garden, whether that’s for barbecues, relaxing, having friends and family over, or space for the kids to play.

If you’re staying for good, that’s great. But in the same way that some features indoors can help or hinder a house sale, the landscape and features in your garden can have the same effect.

garden features

This vintage car looks great the way it’s been converted into an oversized planter. But it might not be to everyone’s taste, so it might raise questions in a prospective buyer’s mind. If I buy will it go? How much maintenance does it need? Is it safe? If there are easier options for your buyer to look at and buy you might lose out. Of course, you can explain what will happen with it. If it’s going with you then be proactive and explain that. And you might even find that your prospective buyer loves it and wants to keep it. It’s all down to personal taste!

Garden Features: #3 Top Tips to Remember

1. Keep it simple

Don’t ‘overdress’ your garden. We’re not suggesting a re-landscaping- that would be absurd. But if you are able to show off the really positive parts- areas to relax with friends, ease of maintenance, or space for the kids to play, that’s great. Put the chairs and cushions out, have your brolly up, weather permitting of course! Got a barbecue? Get it out where you would usually use it. If you can create the impression that your garden is functional and fun you will give your potential buyer a positive experience. If you’re a big fan of garden gnomes, fairies or even tortoises, can you unclutter by putting them away for a while?

2. Keep it tidy

Pretty obvious stuff this. Mow the lawn, have a good tidy up. If you have hedges or large plants that need pruning then do so before your house goes on the market. Everyone knows that hedges are hard work, so don’t create the impression that your potential buyer will be spending their leisure time tending to it instead of enjoying their garden. If you have pets, there’s some obvious tidying to do there too!

3. Keep in mind…

…that your potential buyer will have a vision of their own. So neat, tidy, and simple is the best strategy to present your garden in the best possible way. That gives your potential buyer the opportunity to experience what could be their garden, and create a vision in their own mind of what they might want to do with it. So try to unclutter, and try to understand in the eyes of your potential buyer what they might see and feel. Your taste is unlikely to be the same as their’s, so think about how you can help your buyer realise their vision for their next garden.

What are the most Impactful Garden Features that can aid a Successful Sale?

This is something that can change over time. Currently, buyers are looking for rural areas to buy, where properties can provide a better lifestyle. And part of that means office space in the home. For properties that have garden offices, or at least outbuildings that can be converted, there is likely to be a premium as people continue to work from home. The more practical features like this are more likely to attract a premium than landscaped features like raised beds, ponds, and pergolas, although these features can help a buyer to realise a vision if they are thoughtfully constructed.

Top 5 Garden Features to help you Secure a Successful Sale

The top garden features will vary depending on the buyer, their stage of life, and personal tastes and requirements. A young family will have different needs to a retired couple for example. But the top feature right now to increase the sale value of your home is a garden office. Many other features like pizza ovens, outdoor lighting, and pergolas may add value in terms of how quickly a house may sell, but they are unlikely to increase the sale value. So features that are desirable could be;

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Patio/decking
  • Raised beds
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Pergola

These are all structures that your potential buyer can alter relatively easily and cheaply by replanting, adding pots, climbing plants, and choosing furniture to suit their personal tastes. And if those structures are there already the new owner won’t have to spend money laying a patio or building a pergola, if that’s in their vision for their new garden.

If you’re considering selling, need some advice on garden features, how to prepare your home for sale, a valuation and to discuss your next steps, contact a member of our team here